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Henrik Schwarz


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Henrik Schwarz on his new album Instruments
Henrik Schwarz live in the Boiler Room Berlin
1 Cloud Three
2 I Exist Because of You Two
3 In Bjorndal
4 Leave My Head Alone Brain Seven
5 Marvin Two
6 Walk Music Four
7 Wamims
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Full of groove – without any beats: Henrik Schwarz‘s music in an acoustic arrangement for chamber orchestra

"What's left of my music if I have it played by Classical musicians and omit the most important element, the beats?" This question was the starting point for INSTRUMENTS, the new Henrik Schwarz album. Four years have passed now since the Berlin musician and producer was first invited to have a selection of his House tracks played by an orchestra. Now the Tokyo Secret Orchestra has recorded seven pieces arranged for chamber orchestra that are reminiscent of the minimalism of Steve Reich and Michael Nyman not least in their poetry and magnetic pull. In between times, a piece like "In Björndal" with its shimmering instrumental colours even takes us back to the fin de siècle and the music of Schönberg.

11 NEW  46 TOTAL
Direct: SiriusXM
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Cleveland, Seattle, Portland, Baltimore, Minneapolis, New Orleans, Berkeley CA, Albuquerque, Rochester NY
Online: Taintradio, ClassicallyHip

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