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Ilan Eshkeri

A Perfect Planet

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A Perfect Planet: Prequel
1 A Perfect Planet  
2 A Perfect Balance  
3 Wildebeest  
4 Flamingos  
5 Vampire Finches  
6 Bears  
7 Volcanoes  
8 Sunlight  
9 Gibbons  
10 Arctic Foxes  
11 Silver Ants  
12 Autumn  
13 Snub-Nosed Monkeys  
14 Sooty Shearwaters  
15 Fire Ants  
16 Giant River Turtles  
17 Red Crabs  
18 Summer  
19 Dry Season Pt. 1  
20 Dry Season Pt. 2  
21 A Changing Climate  
22 Marine Iguana  
23 Cuttlefish  
24 Mangroves  
25 Manta Rays  
26 Spring  
27 Hardyheads  
28 Rockhopper Penguins  
29 Eden's Whales  
30 Elephant Orphans  
31 Climate Refugees  
32 The Rainforest  
33 Reforestation  
34 A Changing Planet  
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Sony Music today announces the January 8, 2021 release of A PERFECT PLANET (SOUNDTRACK FROM THE BBC SERIES) with music by composer ILAN ESHKERI (Stardust, The Young Victoria). Available everywhere now, the album features the music from Eshkeri's fourth collaboration with Sir David Attenborough, the legendary naturalist who will narrate the BBC series.

Composer ILAN ESHKERI says: "Creating the music for A Perfect Planet has been a hugely rewarding experience. The series celebrates the extraordinary world we are a part of as well as showing the delicate balance of the systems that support life, and what we need to do to ensure its future stability. It's a message that's very important to me and one that I believe we have a responsibility to engage with – in a way that not only educates but inspires the next generation. This influenced my approach to the music, and set me on an unconventional path. Composing the music for A Perfect Planet has also been enormously challenging – not least because of the unprecedented logistical issues of trying to record an orchestra during the lockdown! I'm grateful to everyone at the BBC and [production company] Silverback who supported me and the ideas I threw at them and I hope my music can play a small part in helping to inspire change."

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