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Jack Gallagher

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1 Sonata for Piano mvt 1  
2 Sonata for Piano mvt 2  
3 Sonata for Piano mvt 3  
4 Evening Music  
5 Sonatina for Piano mvt 1  
6 Sonatina for Piano mvt 2  
7 Sonatina for Piano mvt 3  
8 Nocturne  
9 Six Bagatelles 1  
10 Six Bagatelles 2  
11 Six Bagatelles 3  
12 Six Bagatelles 4  
13 Six Bagatelles 5  
14 Six Bagatelles 6  
15 Pastorale  
16 Six Pieces for Kelly 1  
17 Six Pieces for Kelly 2  
18 Six Pieces for Kelly 3  
19 Six Pieces for Kelly 4  
20 Six Pieces for Kelly 5  
21 Six Pieces for Kelly 6  
22 Malambo Nouveau  
23 Happy Birthday, April  
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Composer Jack Gallagher's newest release of solo piano music performed by Juilliard graduate Frank Huang includes numerous works, often dedicated to his wife or daughter, composed across a 40-year span. Gallagher's Sonatina aspires to unabashed geniality, its middle movement the original piano incarnation of his Berceuse for orchestra, itself widely broadcast by national and regional media. The engaging Six Pieces for Kelly was composed for his daughter when she was eight years old. Pastorale and Happy Birthday, April were written as birthday presents for his wife. The Six Bagatelles are short, brisk, colorful pieces. More rigorous are the technically-challenging Sonata for Piano, opening the program, and Malambo Nouveau, an animated encore piece. Pianist Huang, acclaimed for his "tremendous flair and a sense of the Romantic virtuoso style" (New York Concert Review), deftly and vibrantly captures the soul and spirit of each work.

28 NEW  97 TOTAL
Classical 24, CBC
Direct: SiriusXM, Music Choice, MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Seattle, Cleveland, Portland, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Pittsburgh, Baltimore, Detroit, Denver, New Orleans, Sacramento, Albuquerque, Louisville, Columbus OH, Honolulu, WV(Statewide), VT(Statewide), OR(Statewide), WI(Statewide), KS(Statewide), SC(Statewide), NE(Statewide), Canada
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