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Track Listing:

Some Kind of Tomorrow 4:12
Magic Carpet 7:04
Early Rites 4:24
Willing 5:50
Traveling Deep 3:31
Roughing It 9:24
Far Satellites 6:00
Pros and Cons 5:55
Drift 4:56
Star Talk 5:19
First Canvas 1:00

Jane Ira Bloom, Mark Helias :

Some Kind of Tomorrow

Fearless jazz explorers playing through time & space - SOME KIND OF TOMORROW
 Jane Ira Bloom soprano saxophone - Mark Helias  bass

Releases on Bandcamp Jan 7, 2021

Soprano saxophonist Jane Ira Bloom and bassist Mark Helias come together to create duets discovered in the moment in a way that is rarely heard today with Some Kind of Tomorrow. The long time bandmates, separated by space and time find a way to play in real time with one another and the results are magical. Two master improvisers and composers bring listeners up-close and personal to the first spark of their imaginations at work, recording eleven duet improvisations over the spring, summer, and fall of 2020. The music is raw, authentic, intimate, alive, and unapologetic in its passion. Their sound is deep wood and polished brass recorded with a depth that is hard to describe. They played the music, recorded it, mastered it firsthand and are now making it available to listeners for the first time as a digital download on Bandcamp. Don't miss these fearless jazz explorers as they face the future.  

We didn't have to write anything.

We didn't have to plan anything.

We didn't even have to talk.

We just had to play - to connect with each other across a distance in whatever way we could because we had to.

It was just too hard to be a sound alone. A sound needed another sound and so Mark & I began.

Here are the improvised duets that bassist Mark Helias and I created in the spring, summer, and fall of 2020 on the internet. The thought of a world without a live, spontaneous musical connection was too hard to imagine and so we came to these sessions over the internet with an emotional thirst that's hard to describe. The music is discovered in the moment in a way that I've never recorded before. The sound is filled with everything that we felt and couldn't say in words. There is a vibration between us that's uncanny given the circumstances and a deep need to play what was real to us just then. It's as real as it gets for two musicians who needed to create music together to try to find some way to mend the world. - Jane Ira Bloom

In unprecedented times artists resort to unprecedented strategies to fulfill the need to create and relate.  Being locked down has reframed my appreciation of the act of musical interaction and reaffirmed the decision that I made decades ago to explore music as a life's work.  The first time that Jane and I improvised together through Wi-Fi sometime in April or May 2020 was a very high experience on so many levels.  We were sorting out the possibilities of making music remotely and assessing the technology and our relation to it.  Once we made peace with the situation and the medium, listening, feeling, hearing and responding was the same as it ever was.  Without a live audience we decided to complete the circle by documenting our efforts through recordings that we are now sharing with the public.  This process has been enlivening in ways that I had not anticipated. - Mark Helias                                 

©  2020   All compositions by Mark Helias & Jane Ira Bloom

Mark Helias  Radio Legs Music /BMI

Jane Ira Bloom  Outline Music/ BMI 

Recorded by Mark Helias & Jane Ira Bloom

Mixed & mastered by Mark Helias

Cover Photography   Claudia Barritt

Cover Design  Mark Helias 

Special thanks: Joe Grifasi, Jim Anderson, Ulrike Schwarz, Jill C. Herbert Phd, & Claudia Barritt