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Joe Lovano's 'Trio Tapestry' is a jazz unit with total empathy / The Guardian

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The Guardian's John Fordham writes......Joe Lovano, Marilyn Crispell and Carmen Castaldi hit the heights again with a lovely minimal second album where the spaces resonate.

Garden of Expression, Trio Tapestry's second album, reconvenes Lovano with the brilliant pianist Marilyn Crispell (New York Times critic Jon Pareles described witnessing her fusions of classical virtuosity and free-jazz fearlessness as "like monitoring an active volcano") and his fellow Clevelander Carmen Castaldi on percussion. The softly ecstatic Chapel Song finds Crispell shadowing Lovano's exquisite tenor tone in coaxing and reciprocal piano murmurings over Castaldi's mallet whispers, followed by an improvisation that's a complete piece in itself; and the ways she buoys up the vaporous lines of the sax with harmonious ripples on West of the Moon seem to bypass all deliberation with reflexive empathy. The title track's opening ascents and descents shift to stormy, pensive and then scamperingly free-jazzy variations, Dream on That teasingly suggests a hidden jazz tune in repeated, mutating fragments, while Zen Like is an increasingly melodic exercise in gong tones and minimal motifs. Garden of Expression is about the spaces between sounds as much as sounds themselves – but, as in meditation, they're spaces that resonate with stories.    Photograph: Caterina di Perri/ECM Records