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John Finbury, Thalma de Freitas

Ring The Bells

Green Flash Music

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1 Ring The Bells  

John Finbury sat at his piano in Massachusetts that night and responded to the sad news by playing a somber, repetitive passage that seemed to provide solace. He made a phone recording and sent it to his friend, singer Thalma de Freitas. The next morning, Thalma woke up in Los Angeles, listened to the music, and was inspired to improvise a melody and lyrics on top of John's piano motif. She sent a voice recording back to John, and a song was born.

Producer Emilio D. Miler heard this recording and suggested releasing a studio version of the song, as the sentiments that inspired it were shared by music lovers everywhere. Through the challenges posed by the pandemic, John recorded his piano part at a local studio and Thalma recorded her vocals in L.A.

Afro-Brazilian singer-songwriter Thalma de Freitas and American composer John Finbury wrote the songs on their 2020 Grammy® nominated album "Sorte!." Here they collaborate again with producer Emilio D. Miler, who brought together the same production team for this homage to Chick, "Ring The Bells."

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