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John Finbury - American Nocturnes presents 'chamber jazz' in an extremely interesting arrangement / era jazzu

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John Finbury is an American composer and one of the first students of jazz composition at the Schillinger School in Boston (which later became the famous Berklee College Of Music). As a teenager, he played the drums in the New York rock formation The Bitter End, but it was only in college (at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge and Boston University) that he became interested in playing the piano, music theory and composition. Earning extra money from his student budget, he ran a music club in Salem, where BB King, Bonnie Raitt, Richard Thompson, REM, Eric Burton and The Animals and Pat Metheny performed, among others. In addition to his artistic pursuits, John Finbury was educated in law (he was a practicing lawyer for almost 35 years). Together with his wife, singer Patty Brayden, he ran the Jazz Sextet, becoming a local attraction of "Day For Night" events. The turning point and the decision to direct his artistic ambitions in one direction was a professional commission for composition. In 1979 he wrote and recorded the soundtrack for "Portraits from the 2 O'Clock Lounge", a television documentary by Fred Simon produced for WGBH Boston. The blockbuster, R&B and pop compositions caught the attention of critics and allowed the author to appear on the hermetic market of illustrative music authors. It was also in those years that John Finbury's interest in Latin sounds and his passion for Brazilian music date back. He has made some excellent and critically acclaimed albums (from "The Green Flash" and "SambaDan" to "Imaginário", Pitanga "and" Sorte! "). The latest album "American Nocturnes - Final Days Of July" presents chamber, jazz instrumental music in an extremely interesting arrangement for piano, cello, guitar, accordion and harmonica. Tim Ray (piano), Eugene Friesen (cello), Roni Eytan (harmonica), Claudio Ragazzi (guitar), Peter Eldridge (vocalist of the famous The New York Voices), accordionists Vitor Goncalves and Roberto participated in the recording of John Finbury's charming compositions. Cassan and the composer himself, in a beautiful, solo "Walz For Patty".

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