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John Lunn

Downton Abbey OST

Decca GOLD

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1 A Royal Command  
2 Pillar Of The Establishment  
3 Gleam And Sparkle  
4 God Is A Monarchist  
5 Two Households  
6 Incident At A Parade  
7 Sabotage  
8 Maud  
9 Honour Restored  
10 Never Seen Anything Like It  
11 Not Entirely A Bad Night  
12 May I?  
13 Taking Leave  
14 Resolution  
15 You Are The Best Of Me  
16 Sunset Waltz  
17 One Hundred Years Of Downton  
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This high profile movie, continuing the story of Lord Grantham and the Crawley family is in cinemas around the world from September. The film picks up where the last TV series ended, following the events at Downton Abbey in the early 20th century. The OST, composed by John Lunn, is based on the familiar compositions featured in the worldwide hit TV show.

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