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John Margolis

Christine's Refrigerator

Big 6 Records

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Christine's Refrigerator by John Margolis & Don Rosler; video by Christine Lavin
For Father's Day: Good With Speeches---from 'John Margolis: Christine's Refrigerator'


1 Christine's Refrigerator  
2 I Happen to Be Free  
3 You Think You Know Someone  
4 Scrap of Hope  
5 Here's Something You Don't See Everyday  
6 Keep Me Up  
7 Here's the Plan  
8 Tanta Belleza  
9 Good with Speeches  
10 Tell the Sun to Lay Low  
11 Everyone in Love With the Wrong Person  
12 Blue Goose Cafe  
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Christine's Refrigerator is unique in sound and sensibility. John Margolis writes and performs in shades reminiscent of Randy Newman, Stephen Foster, Francis Poulenc, Kurt Weill, Astor Piazzola, and Tom Waits. Co-written/produced by Don Rosler, Margolis creates places and characters that are hanging on the refrigerator door.

2 New "ON" this week: 36 Total "Stations/Shows"
The Bill Miller Show
Direct: XM: High Standards
Markets include: New York, Boston, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Santa Fe

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