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John Medeski


Milan Records - Sony Masterworks
Release Date: November 17, 2023

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John Medeski Interview @ Bonnaroo 2012
1 Fake Tears  
2 Bad Interview  
3 Asher Approaches  
4 Tiny  
5 Tomato Pee Pee  
6 Shelter  
7 Lies  
8 Pregnant  
9 Parking Lot  
10 Casino  
11 Nefarious Light  
12 The Curse  
13 Happy News  
14 Dougie Walks  
15 Subterfuge  
16 Stealing Files  
17 Smoke House  
18 Performance Art  
19 Art Talk  
20 Ultrasound  
21 Classroom  
22 Back Door  
23 About a House  
24 Dougie Digs  
25 Whitney Walks  
26 Scorpion  
27 Steal the Stove  
28 Ashram  
29 She's a Lot  
30 Pretend Buyers  
31 Utopian World  
32 Green Queen  
33 Security Footage  
34 Delivery  
35 Neck Crack  
36 Bone Dread  
37 Nala Struggles  
38 Whitney’s Statue  
39 Asher Makeup  
40 Whitney and Cara  
41 Fernando  
42 On Camera  
43 Talking Shit  
44 Whitney Cries  
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Milan Records today releases THE CURSE (MUSIC FROM THE SHOWTIME® ORIGINAL SERIES), the official soundtrack to Benny Safdie and Nathan Fielder’s genre-bending series featuring music written and performed by renowned keyboardist and composer JOHN MEDESKI executive produced by DANIEL LOPATIN aka ONEOHTRIX POINT NEVER– LISTEN HERE. The latest in a longstanding creative partnership between Lopatin and Safdie, the keyboard-heavy score is a crucial element of the series, with Medeski’s atmospheric and meditative compositions coalescing to create an additional perspective on the onscreen story. Co-produced by SHOWTIME® and A24, The Curse debuts new episodes each Friday on streaming and on demand for Paramount+ subscribers with the Paramount+ with SHOWTIME® plan, and on-air on SHOWTIME® every Sunday at 10pm ET/PT.  

Inspired by the spiritual jazz music of Alice Coltrane, Daniel Lopatin enlisted one of his personal musical heroes, John Medeski, to compose and perform the series’ original score, trusting the modern jazz virtuoso to bring to life the depth of sound inherent throughout Coltrane’s work. A frequent collaborator to the Safdie brothers, Lopatin, meanwhile, was tasked with overseeing the series’ music as executive producer, while also co-producing and contributing to a couple of the compositions. Composer and engineer Randall Dunn also contributed on the recording and mixing side. The resulting collaboration is an evocative and unsettling score that not only provides a sonic backdrop to the series but also acts as an additional observer, offering its own distinct perspective of the unfolding story. Expressed through layers of organs, synthesizers, electric pianos and mellotrons, the 52-track score is deeply contemplative in nature, its depth of emotion and tone reflecting the complexity of the onscreen story.

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