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A beginner's guide to the music of Joni Mitchell / TREBLE

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Though she had her share of setbacks-one of which was very early on when she contracted polio as a child-Joni Mitchell is one of the biggest names in the music industry. Not only known for her catchy, touching, original, and enduring music, Ms. Mitchell's lyrics have been celebrated for their deep emotional meaning and poetic verses. Even if you have never listened to her original versions, you have definitely heard one of her songs before.

I was first introduced to the songbook of Joni Mitchell by my mother when I was starting high school. She kept all the CDs in two black cases stored by the stereo. I used to pick albums randomly, mostly classical, but I would always pass over the grouping of Joni Mitchell and Laura Nyro. One day, I decided to actually try one of these CDs. I don't remember exactly which one, but there's a good chance that it was Ladies of the Canyon (1970) or Blue (1972). At the time I didn't really like them that much. However, when I played Court and Spark (1974), my whole mindset was changed. That's the beauty of Joni Mitchell's music, from folk to pop to jazz and everything in between, she's done far too much to be summarized with just a single album.

And as such, TREBLE's Konstantin Rega compiled a guide to getting started with the Canadian troubadour's large and rewarding catalog. READ THE FULL ARTICLE