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Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Not Montrealers / CBC

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CBC/QWF writer-in-residence Emira Tufo meets the yellow-eyed wolf who serenades Metro commuters. The masked violinist who plays in the Montreal Metro was inspired by the French-Belgian-German film, Le joueur de violon - the story of a concert musician who abandons the spotlight to play for passersby in the Paris Metro.

The old proverb says; the Wolf is always bad, regardless of the colour of his pelt, and taken to its logical conclusion, wolf neither sings nor harbours good intentions. And yet, there is a yellow-eyed wolf who makes the rounds of the Montreal Metro, violin in hand, offering the comfort of music to the crowds of humans, mingling the melodies of Bach and Chopin with the roar of the passing trains and the familiar voice of Michèle Deslauriers: Attention à tous les passagers. Il y a un ralentissement de service sur la ligne … (and you pause, frozen in suspense, hoping not to learn, as you invariably will, that it is, indeed, your line. Again.)
PHOTO:  (Emira Tufo/CBC)