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Julia Lezhneva


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1 Handel: Disseratevi (Resurrezione)  
2 Handel: Per dar pregio (Rodrigo)  
3 Handel: Lascia la spina (Trionfo)  
4 Handel: Tecum principium (Dixit Dominus)  
5 Handel: Agrippina overture  
6 Handel: Salve Regina - i. Salve regina  
7 Handel: Salve Regina - ii. Ad te clamamus  
8 Handel: Salve Regina - iii. Eia  
9 Handel: Salve Regina - iv. O, Clemens  
10 Handel: Pensieri (Agrippina)  
11 Handel: Un pensiero (Trionfo)  
12 Handel: Felicissima (Dafne)  
13 Handel: Come nembo (Trionfo)  
14 Handel: Recit Pure del cielo (Trionfo)  
15 Handel: Tu del ciel (Trionfo)  
16 Handel: Rejoice from 'Messiah'  
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Handel, the new album from Russian coloratura soprano Julia Lezhneva, is a vibrant showcase of George Frideric Handel's Italian compositions, works known for their vocal virtuosity, sense of drama and melodic beauty. Released on November 6, 2015, Handel offers a selection of both sacred and secular arias for the soprano voice. Lezhneva is joined by leading period-instrument ensemble Il Giardino Armonico under the direction of Giovanni Antonini. This is Lezhneva's second album for Decca, following 2013's Alleluia.

Three centuries ago, countless aspiring and established artists from all fields made a creative pilgrimage to Italy seeking to bask in, and draw inspiration from the post-Renaissance glories of the refined cultural climate. One of them was the young German composer Handel, who settled in Rome in 1707. With the support of influential patrons of the arts, Handel, still in his early twenties, was very productive and wrote a wide range of commissioned works for the church, the concert hall and private salon audiences.

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