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Karl Jenkins

Symphonic Adiemus

Decca Records

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Karl Jenkins on Karl Jenkins
1 In Caelum Fero  
2 Chorale: Za Ma Ba  
3 Adiemus  
4 Song Of The Spirit  
5 Chorale: Elegia  
6 Kayama  
7 Tintinabulum Part I  
8 Tintinabulum Part II  
9 Chorale: Cantilena  
10 Zarabanda  
11 Chorale: Hymn  
12 Song Of The Plains  
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Sir Karl Jenkins presents Symphonic Adiemus, the new album of epic proportions. Brand new recordings of the greatest moments from the Adiemus series features an extended orchestra of over 100, including over 20 layers of classical and ethnic percussion, and a choir of 80. With judicious use of multi-tracking, there are sometimes over 400 participants heard at any one time. 

 C24, CBC
Direct: MOOD
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Detroit, Minneapolis, Austin, SC(Statewide), AL(Statewide), MI(Statewide), Barcelona
INTER: Canada, Spain
Online: Passion Musique et Culture, Musicas Imaginadas

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