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Kate McGarry, Keith Ganz, Gary Versace

The Subject Tonight Is Love

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Kate McGarry - Keith Ganz - Gary Versace - The Subject Tonight Is Love
Kate McGarry Trio performs at WBGO
LIVE at Duke Performances
1 Prologue - The Subject Tonight Is Love
2 Secret Love
3 Climb Down - Whiskey You're The Devil
4 Gone With the Wind
5 Fair Weather
6 Playing Palhacu
7 Losing Strategy
8 My Funny Valentine
9 Mr. Sparkle - What A Difference A Day Made
10 She Always Will The River
11 Indian Summer
12 Epilogue - All You Need Is Love
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Countless poets, philosophers, artists, musicians, writers and dreamers have taken up that same subject since Hafiz's day, but despite seven intervening centuries of exploration, love continues to offer an inexhaustible supply of complexities and mysteries. On The Subject Tonight Is Love, their first album as a trio, vocalist Kate McGarry, guitarist/bassist Keith Ganz and keyboardist/accordionist Gary Versace rise to that eternal challenge, investigating the concept of love in its many forms and from several different perspectives over the course of a dozen alluring songs, from timeless folk tunes to transformed jazz standards, celebratory pop songs to evocative originals.

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