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Katya - Alla Luna
Katya - Lux Aeterna
1 Air on G String
2 Canzone Alla Luna
3 Ave Maria
4 Goodbye
5 You'll Find Your Home
6 Lux Aterna
7 Moonlight
8 Only in my Dreams
9 Open Air
10 The Key
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Moonlight – My favourite song on the album, starting from the classical guitar introduction and building to its dark, mysterious feel. Lux Aeterna– A challenge to sing because of its leaping octaves. This song is great because it builds up slowly to a big finish.Canzone Alla Luna – Also one of my favorites, with its wonderful melody and lyrics.Only In My Dreams – One of the most fun to sing. I could sing it over and over, and still enjoy it.You'll Find Your Home(Intermezzo)– I'm excited to have this on the album. I took part in the opera Cavaleria Rusticana a while before selecting the songs. Goodbye (Adagio) – I remember tearing up once or twice while recording it. The song moves me. I connect to the lyrics.Ave Maria – I've sung Ave Maria since I was 8, so this a real treat to have on the album. It's always been a favorite.Air on a G String – This incredible Bach melody is already so beautiful, I simply vocalised the melody, and I think it turned out very well!The Key - The most magical of all the songs on the album. I adore it. This song was so exciting for me because it is so dreamy and magical.Open Air (based on Traumerei) -Knowing that this is a very famous piece, I tried my best to do it justice. I very much adore this song. - Katya

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Direct: MOOD
Markets include: Los Angeles, Denver, Cleveland, Austin, New Orleans, Jacksonville, Canada
Online: Taintradio, Humboldt 101

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