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Krystian Zimerman

Lutosławski PC & Symphony #2 w/Rattle - BPO

Deutsche Grammophon

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Lutoslawski: Concerto For Piano And Orchestra - 1. Dotted Quarter Note = 110 - Quarter Note = 70
Krystian Zimerman - Interview
1 Lutosławski: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra - dotted crotchet = ca. 110 5:35  
2 Lutosławski: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra - Presto ? Poco meno mosso ? Lento  
3 Lutosławski: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra - quaver = ca. 85 ? Largo  
4 Lutosławski: Concerto for Piano and Orchestra - crotchet = ca. 84 ? Presto  
5 Lutosławski: Symphony No. 2 - Hesitant  
6 Lutosławski: Symphony No. 2 - Direct  
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This album continues the successful collaboration of Krystian Zimerman and Sir Simon Rattle who have previously recorded for Deutsche Grammophon Brahms's Piano Concerto no. 1.  This time, they turn their attention to works by Polish composer Witold Lutosławski.  Recorded at the Berlin Philharmonie, this recording highlights two seminal works of 20th century music. In 1960 Witold Lutosławski heard John Cage's Concert for Piano and Orchestra on Polish radio. It proved to be a seminal experience: "Those few minutes were to change my life decisively … While listening to it, I suddenly realized that I could compose music differently from that of my past."

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