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The Jazz Session chats with Laila Biali

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The Jazz Session with Jason Crane

Laila Biali just received a JUNO nomination for her 2020 album Out Of Dust, released during the pandemic and inspired by a challenging year in her personal life.

"These new songs took shape as I processed my own feelings of doubt and loss," Biali reveals. "I believe that nothing is wasted, that even life's greatest challenges can produce something meaningful, even if only to make us more aware of and empathetic to the struggles of those around us."

Out of Dust finds Biali luxuriating in the light she found at the end of the tunnel. Co-produced by Biali and her husband, Ben Wittman, the album is a celebration of life; warm and uplifting even as it confronts her recent challenges (and the current political climate!) head-on. In addition to contributions from Biali's husband and son, Out of Dust features multiple GRAMMY nominees and winners including Lisa Fisher, Alan Ferber, John Ellis, and Larnell Lewis.

In this Jazz Session interview, Jason Crane asks Biali about translating experience to music; releasing an album during a time of crisis; bridging the pop-jazz divide; her work with Sting; and much more. LISTEN