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Lambert: Bio

Lambert is a pianist and composer from Hamburg, Germany. He always performs wearing a Sardinian mask.[3] He composed the music for the 2015 film Hedi Schneider Is Stuck.


2014 – Lambert (Staatsakt)

2015 – Stay in the Dark (Staatsakt)

2016 – Excess / The Improv Tape (Dauw)

2017 – Sweet Apocalypse (Mercury KX/Decca/Universal Classics)

2018 - We Share Phenomena (collaboration with Brookln Dekker)

2019 - True (Mercury KX/Decca/Universal Classics)


2016 – Lost Tapes (Staatsakt)

2018 – Exodus (collaboration with Stimming) (Kryptox)

2019 – Alone (Mercury KX/Decca/Universal Classics)



2015 – Hedi Schneider is Stuck[4]

1 AuBen -feat. Tre B. Mal  
2 Opus 23 - feat. Hexia  
3 Brack St. Twen - feat. Cole Collective  
4 27 Secrets - feat. Bob Drew  
5 Mind No Ever No xxx - feat. Hrafnhildur Melste?  
6 Flow (Marked Red) - feat. Jean Daeriou  
7 To The Bone - feat. Grand Ox  
8 San Remo - feat. Giovanni DiMachelli  
9 Juice Tonight feat. Pernille Solberg  
10 Dorian - feat. Martin Stollmayr  
11 Thema Zwei - feat. Maral Moradi  
12 Spheres - feat. Room Trail  
13 Bolero Azul - feat. Las Abuelas  
14 I Thought of Ian - feat. Ging Gang Gong  

"False has given me the freedom to develop myself artistically in all kinds of directions," Lambert explains. "I can now go anywhere." 

False the new album by the extraordinary Berlin-based composer and pianist Lambert will be released on November 13th by Mercury KX.  All 14 tracks are collaborations, resulting in Lambert's most dazzlingly diverse album yet. Encompassing urgent breakbeats (with Tre B Mal), furious freeform jazz (aided by Pernille Solberg), gliding pedal steel Americana (from both Bob Drew and Jean Daeriou), industrial soundscapes (via Cole Collective) and even, on Room Trail collaboration ‘Spheres', a full-on Autotuned vocal pop workout. 

Crossover Media Projects with: Lambert