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Laurie Rubin

Do You Dream In Color

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Do You Dream in Color? Laurie Rubin, Bruce Adolphe, Marija Stroke
Laurie Rubin on 'The Marie Show'
Peace on Your Wings Musical at Hawaii Theater Pt.1
1 Adolphe: Do You Dream in Color?  
2 Rodrigo: Cantiga: muy graciosa es la doncella  
3 Rodrigo: Soneto  
4 Rodrigo: Serranilla  
5 Rodrigo: Barcarola  
6 Rodrigo: Cancion del grumete  
7 Rodrigo: Esta nina se lleva la flor  
8 Faure: Les Berceaux  
9 Faure: Clair de Lune  
10 Faure: Sourdine  
11 Faure: Nell  
12 Sivan: In the Mountains of Jerusalem: 1.  
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"Extraordinary" Opera News

"Impressive ease and perfect pitch" The New York Times

"She sings magnificently with eyes wide shut. A major, and maybe great career beckons….In (her CD) she reveals how her visual imagination is not hampered by retinal dysfunction. But, in fact, it will be the deepening of her inner vision through her voice where her power as a singer-seer lies."  - The L.A. Times

It's not every day that a blind singer is cast in an opera production. Indeed, mezzo soprano Laurie Rubin is that exception. Earlier this year, her CD DO YOU DREAM IN COLOR? was released by Bridge Records. The title song by Bruce Adolphe featuring lyrics by Rubin, was inspired by a child's innocent question. Additional cuts on the CD include works by Joaquin Rodrigo, Gabriel Faure, Noam Sivan who also performs on piano, as does Marija Stroke.

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