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Liam Lawton


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Liam Lawton - Voice of an Angel, The Console Christmas Celebration of Light, 2013
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If You Listen
1 Secret Land  
2 If You Listen  
3 I Heard an Angel  
4 The Cloud's Veil  
5 Labyrinth  
6 Voice of an Angel  
7 Field of Dreams  
8 The Lord is My Shepherd  
9 Diamond in the Dark  
10 Lament of the Virgin  
11 Ave Maria  
12 Journey's End  
13 Kyrie  
14 How Can I Heal  
15 Benedictus  
16 As You Go  
17 Believe  
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Liam Lawton: Believe is a classic mix of pure and simple emotive tracks telling their own story. It includes the enchanting songs, "Kyrie", "Ave Maria" and "Benedictus" bringing its listener the spirit of Christmas. Liam Lawton, the multi platinum singer songwriter, delights audiences all around the world with his distinctively pitch perfect voice. An extraordinary man who still continues to practise and work as a priest, Liam Lawton holds a Masters Degree in World Music and is also an accomplished landscape and abstract painter. His first book will be published in 2008 since he has recently been approached by a major book publisher to write a number of books on his life and inspirations.

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Markets include:
Atlanta, Portland, Salt Lake, New Orleans, Orlando, Champaigne IL, Cedar Rapids IA, Newark DE

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