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I Am What I Am


I Am What I Am [CD-SINGLE]
A Kid's Review
Amazing set of remixes and Linda?s powerful voice. The voice and lyrics fits the music perfectly. Track 6 on the CD is the best mix even if it is kind of a dub with almost no vocals. The other mixes are ok. The Boris & Beck mixes are kinda boring and not very good. Buy it and you will be happy you did. Well worth the money and time to get.

 Why buy this CD-single. Buy the WHOLE ALBUM, August 8, 2003
Reviewer: R G FINKENAUR JR (NAHANT, MA USA) - See all my reviews
This single song is the opening track of Linda Eder's "Broadway, My Way". This song is fabulous on it, but there are many other tracks that are just as good. BUY THE WHOLE ALBUM!

 Linda remixed!!!!!!!, August 6, 2003
Reviewer: K. Eisenberger "dance music freak!" (Defiance, Ohio United States) - See all my reviews
This is the 4th dance single from Broadway and Rosie favorite Linda Eder. On the heels of "Something To Believe In" , "Never Dance" and "Vienna" comes the cover of the Gloria Gaynor gay anthem "I Am What I Am" and it works extremely well. The single comes with 3 set of mixers:Boris & Beck, Lenny Bertoldo and Manny Lehman. The Boris & Beck mixes are the most experimental of the mixes. They are a mixture of house,trance and techno thrown together. The Club Mix(6:39)and Energy Dub Mix(7:23) have the vocals up front. The best mixes though are by Lenny Bertoldo and the mix the vocals and lyrics perfectly. He has done basically every remix for Linda that has been released so he knows her better than any other mixer here. The Too Much Drama Club Mix(10:37) is straight ahead house music . The Bonus Beats mix(4:01) is just that a bonus set of dub beats. The one most club djs will be playing are the Manny Lehman mixes and you get 2 vocal mixes :Club Mix(9:32) and the Alternative Mix(10:06). The Alternative mix is better because it begins with just Linda singing and moves to the music later. You also get a dubstrumental mix(7:35) that is good too. This remix shows that Linda Eder is very theatrical in the vocal performance and when compared to other dance divas out there -this is what sets this record and singer above the rest.