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Linda Eder :

Jekyll & Hyde


Jekyll & Hyde - The Gothic Musical Thriller [CAST]
Rock Opera Classic:
Frank Wildhorn's Gothic rock opera Jekyll and Hyde is a powerful work of theater that has sadly gone on the wayside. I don't believe Broadway scored big with this musical as it is very rarely performed next to the more brand name musicals of Andrew Lloyd Webber- Jesus Christ Superstar, Cats, Phantom of the Opera,Sunset Boulevard, or Les Mis for that matter. But Wildhorn has a lot of great moments and the music dramatically expresses Dr. Jekyll's conflict and torment. Anthony Warlow and Linda Eder bring their respective characters- Jekyll and his love interest/fiancee to luminous life. The tunes are memorable, full of raw emotions and though bordering on high melodrama, never loses its power. This is the original "concept" cast, that is the first cast that performed it sans an audience or recorded it for a test. These singers would go on to sing it on Broadway but never reached the level of fame as the later studio cast recording. On one special DVD of the performance, actor David Hasselhoff shows off his singing talent and acting abilities on Broadway in the role of Jekyll/Hyde. Must be seen to believed