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Linda Eder :


Linda Eder's second 2003 album (after
Broadway My Way) is a bit of a hodge-podge. It includes 1992 demo sessions as well as several tracks that had appeared on 1994's And So Much More and excerpts from the Scarlet Pimpernel concept album, with "some new arrangements, new vocals and new mixes," according to executive producer Ian Ralfini. The album starts off with the swinging "One Bad Habit," recorded during the 1993 sessions but not included in And So Much More. Those who know Eder as a Broadway belter will be happily surprised to hear these older tunes, which display a light-footed mix of a cabaret sensibility with jazzy chops (fans of Ann Hampton Callaway, take note). A sultry rendition of "The Man That Got Away" won't make you forget Judy Garland, but it's pretty honorable. It's unclear what purpose this album fulfills in Eder's career, but it holds together surprisingly well, considering its origins. --Elisabeth Vincentelli / Amazon.com