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Track Listing:

Tchaikovsky: Con for V&O In D Major, Op. 35 - Allegro moderato
Tchaikovsky: Con for V&O In D Major, Op. 35 - Canzonetta. Andante
Tchaikovsky: Con for V&O In D Major, Op. 35 - Finale
Sibelius: Con for V&O In D Minor, Op. 47 - Allegro moderato
Sibelius: Con for V&O In D Minor, Op. 47 - Adagio di molto
Sibelius: Con for V&O In D Minor, Op. 47 - Allegro ma non tanto

Lisa Batiashvili | Daniel Barenboim :

Tchaikovsky | Sibelius Violin Concertos

Violinist Lisa Batiashvili adds to her Deutsche Grammophon recordings with this new album of the Tchaikovsky and Sibelius Violin Concertos.  She has performed these works in concert with conductor Daniel Barenboim and the Staatskapelle Berlin, who are her excellent partners for this recording.

The most important connection between this recording and Berlin is the open-air "State Opera for All" concerts, which attract a larger audience than any other classical concerts in Germany, reaching more than 40,000 spectators. They are held every year on the historic Bebelplatz. Admission is free. Initiated by Daniel Barenboim, the concerts celebrated their tenth anniversary in 2016. In each of the last four years the guest soloist has been the Georgian violinist Lisa Batiashvili, who on each occasion has performed one of the world's great violin concertos: Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky and now Sibelius.

As Lisa Batiashvili recalls, her partnership with Barenboim was supposed to have started in the concert hall with the Sibelius Concerto: "Barenboim heard me for the first time during a television broadcast of the Sibelius Concerto with the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Shortly afterwards he rang me up to congratulate me and ask me if we could perform the piece together." But events turned out differently, and Barenboim initially invited Batiashvili to perform a number of other works at the prestigious final concert of the season that the State Opera gives each summer on the Bebelplatz. It was here that she played the Tchaikovsky Concerto in 2015, a piece that she had spent a long time avoiding. "I'd given the work a wide berth because so many violinists perform it and there are so many different interpretations in my head. But Daniel Barenboim encouraged me to take a closer look at it, saying: ‘I'd like to perform Tchaikovsky with you.' This really motivated me, and after that I took the work into my repertory."

Lisa Batiashvili has always been keen to take her cue not from any existing performing tradition but to seek her own approach to a work by studying the score directly, presenting pieces in their purest possible form and in that way coming closer to the composer's ideas. Barenboim shares this interpretative approach, adding that "There are few violinists with good taste. Many play their instrument very well, but they adopt an exaggeratedly emotional approach, especially to the 19th-century repertory, and they have no idea of the work's structure. But then it's not music at all, only a collection of notes. Music can arise only from a natural feeling combined with a sense of its structure. The architecture of a piece must be filled with emotional ideas and the emotions have to be given a sense of structure. Only then can it become music."