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NetNebraska chats with Llyr Williams

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Interview with NetRadio

Welsh Pianist Llyr Williams tackles the complete solo piano repertoire of Beethoven in live reocdings from London's Wigmore Hall on his new 12-disc box set Beethoven Unbound. The stunning cycle comprises nearly 14 hours of music, which Williams says comprise "all of life."

As well as the complete piano sonatas, the box set also features other works including the 32 Variations in C minor, Eroica Variations, Opus 126 Bagatelles and the Diabelli Variations, a total of almost 14 hours of music. This is Williams' fourth album on Signum Classics. Beethoven Unbound is presented in a beautiful hinged box with extensive notes by Mischa Donat, and personal notes by Williams and the album's award-winning producer Judith Sherman, with whom Williams worked previously on his Wagner without Words release.

NetNebraska, Classical Host - Robert Goldberg sat down with Mr. Williams to discuss the new recording. Listen to the attached clip