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Lorne Balfe

The Wheel of Time Season 2, Vol. 2 (PVOSS)

Milan Records - Sony Masterworks
Release Date: October 6, 2023

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1 Damane  
2 The Well  
3 Family Reunion  
4 The Bond That Cannot Break  
5 Evil Has No Limits  
6 New Beginnings  
7 Face It On Your Feet  
8 Making Plans  
9 A Daring Rescue  
10 Desert Dreams  
11 Uprising  
12 The Thrill of Battle  
13 The Test  
14 The Horn of Valere  
15 Echoes of the Past  
16 The Source of Power  
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Milan Records releases THE WHEEL OF TIME: SEASON 2, VOLUME 2 (PRIME VIDEO ORIGINAL SERIES SOUNDTRACK) by award-winning composer Lorne Balfe. Available everywhere now, the Volume 2 album features original score and vocal music written by Balfe for the second season of the fantasy series. Following the release of the Volume 1 soundtrack, which served as a conceptual album of key character themes, Volume 2 features 16 cues from the series handpicked by Balfe as a retrospective of his favorite musical and episodic moments across the new season.

From the album’s pounding opener “Damane” to its sprawling epic finale “The Source of Power,” the soundtrack features an otherworldly choir of voices throughout its 16 tracks featuring vocals by Peter Cox, Abby Lyons, JJ Hodari,  Niall Cash, Derek Hughes, Aisha Chaouche, Michael Bitton, Joe Acres, Annie Grunwald, Jon Ong and Nikhil Koparkar. The recordings of both albums were a global effort with recording sessions taking place at Abbey Road in London, Abriguerio Recording Studios in Spain, as well as various project studios in London, Los Angeles, Nashville and Chicago.

Balfe returns to The Wheel of Time universe after composing three albums for the series’ first season, which also included a similar conceptual album of key themes. The official season one playlist is available for fans to stream while they await the release of the season two soundtracks.

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