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Los Angeles Percussion Quartet


Sono Luminus

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LAPQ - Occasus
LAPQ Performs at Zipper Hall on April 10, 2015
1 Guinivan: Ritual Dances - Processional  
2 Guinivan: Ritual Dances - Circle Dance  
3 Guinivan: Ritual Dances - Sparrow Dance  
4 Guinivan: Ritual Dances - Parasol Dance  
5 Guinivan: Ritual Dances - Sword Dance  
6 Heim: Rūpa-khandha  
7 Pereira: Repousse - Volume  
8 Pereira: Repousse - Gouache  
9 Pereira: Repousse - Impasto  
10 Pereira: Repousse - Monochrome  
11 Holmes: Occasus  
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Sono Luminus is proud to release this first major studio release by the Los Angeles Percussion Quartet: Rūpa-khandha, as it promises a fantastic listening experience. As one of the new percussion recordings produced in surround sound, the listener is placed among a sonic landscape of sublime, visceral, and exotic percussion instruments, with the full force of the quartet's technique and artistry applied in interpreting four evocative, award-winning, and never before recorded works. Considering the combination of hundreds of individual instrumental colors and the LAPQ's formidable talent, Rūpa-khandha promises to be among the most sophisticated and aurally stunning recordings of percussion chamber music. The package will be a 2-disc set, containing a Blu-ray Surround Sound disc as well as a standard CD.

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