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Luca: Bio

Luca Scoppetta-Stern is an 18-year old jazz pianist, poet, and singer songwriter from New York City. His music is inspired by the vivid storytelling of Stevie Wonder, Bob Dylan, and Joni Mitchell, and the raw soul of D'Angelo, Van Morrison, and Prince. His first album, Pillars, is a collection of original poems set to music that draws from the work of Elliott Smith and Leonard Cohen. On Lions, Luca's most recent LP, he takes a different approach, dedicating a song to each month. Lions, inspired by neo-soul classics like D'Angelo's Voodoo and Bilal's 1st Born Second, captures the feeling of growing up and falling in love in New York, surrounded by a lush and immersive sonic landscape that changes with every season to reflect the passage of time. 

1 Solstice  
2 Spring Again  
3 To My Arms  
4 Wait and See  
5 Summer in Vermont  
6 Nothin But  
7 My Friend  
8 Fall From Grace  
9 Until  
10 Lions  
11 Winterlude  
12 Ozone  
13 Saint Sulpice  

Influenced by the laid-back neo-soul of D'Angelo, Ms. Lauryn Hill, and Anderson .paak, and the expressive lyricism of Joni Mitchell, Kendrick Lamar, and Elliot Smith, Lions is the culmination of a childhood of musical discovery. Written, recorded, and co-produced by Luca (vocals/keyboards), backed by seasoned session musicians Jordan Scannella (bass), Sean Dixon (drums), and Josh Dion (synth bass/drums), and joined by a horn section of rising jazz musicians Zaq Davis and James Haddad (both trumpet), all at the helm of prolific producer and engineer David Lawrence Goldman, Lions is an immersive musical calendar, with each song dedicated to a month of the year. Luca, a jazz pianist and singer-songwriter from NYC, is only 18 but musically an old soul. Inspired by the great concept records of the 1970s, he creates a vivid sonic landscape for each season, in which songs live and breathe. From "Spring Again," a vibrant homage to the synth-rich funk of Stevie Wonder, to "Saint Sulpice," a passionate plea for honest love inspired by a choral concert in a church in Paris, the album is a window into a year in Luca's life. Like the passage of time, Lions is cyclical, beginning where it ends; more importantly, it's music that we can all get down to.

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