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k107.co.uk 'The Jazz Lounge' features Richard Ford & Luca

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On The Jazz Lounge with Grace Black for Wednesday 8th May & 15th, the musical world of Basso Profondissimo springs from the imagination of English bassist and producer Richard Ford. The collection was conceived and played on bass, creating a unique and surprising melding of sounds and adding some rough edges to the genres of jazz, ambient, bossa nova and neoclassical. Sharing some of the same musical landscape as Sigur Rós, Lyle Mays, Bebel Gilberto, ECM Records, and Bill Frisell, Basso Profondissimo employs a cinematic language, often minimal and evocative. There are surprising moments, as when softer passages burst into something rougher and edgier. In the neoclassical-leaning pieces, unexpected elements surface, like floating transparencies revealed from somewhere back in the scenery. Elsewhere, bubbling rhythms emerge, cracking pieces open into exotic meters. This is not a work concerned with virtuosity (though references to seminal bassists like Jaco Pastorius can be heard in places). This collection is about evoking moods and character, not about flash.

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