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Soft and graceful modes by Luca on 'Lions' / Jazz Weekly

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Soft and graceful vintage R&B modes are produced here by Luca, who sings, plays keyboards and synths, teaming up with a mix and match ensemble of Sean Dixon/dr, Jordan Scannella/b, Dave Goldman/synth-p and a handful of guests. He gives a gentle a cappella "Solstice" and then a Churchie "Saint Sulpice" with keys, accordion and synth to bookend the 11 tunes, which range from a R&B rappish " To My Arms" to an intimate "Until." The keys and mood gets stark on the shadowy "Fall From Grace" and a funky 80s Pong game is remembered during the bouncy "Nothing But." Vintage soul takes place on the hip "Spring Again" and the soft title track with accompanying lyrical trumpet by Zaq Davis and James Haddad. It will be interesting to see which Luca shows up in a concert.

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