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Mario Grigorov

Paris to Cuba

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Mario Grigorov- Interview with Huffington Post's Mike Ragogna - 2009
Mario & Arthur, 15.02.11


Magic Circus
1 Cuban Soil, Cuban Sun  
2 I See  
3 Ice Hotel  
4 Every Little Movement  
5 Paris To Cuba  
6 Magic Circus  
7 Snake Eyes  
8 Before She Walked Away  
9 Ice Hotel (Piano Version)  
10 Three Dozen Roses  
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The ten tracks on Paris To Cuba are the embodiment of summertime. Composed and created by Mario Grigorov, the album's sound conjures up beautiful complexions, mid-afternoon mojitos, linen garments, and vintage Cadillacs. This is music that immediately evokes an aural landscape, a narrative of striking up a wandering romance with a stranger, a "paseo" through Plaza Vieja or a sunset on the Seine. Lilting, sensual brass sections flirt with gentle vocals on "I See", "Every Little Moment", and "Snake Eyes"- the three tracks which feature singer, Melissa Newman. Blending hints of Pink Martini and Buena Vista Social Club, the percussion section laps as a wave on an empty beach. It is easy for the listener to get lost in the guitar solos, mysterious accordion and nostalgic, sweeping strings. This is not your typical jazz or world record.

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