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Marisa Monte - Village | We Are All Amarildo - 21/11/2013
Marisa Monte - Infinito Particular Live 'Altas Horas'
Marisa Monte: Interview (2014) - Part 1
Marisa Monte: Entrevista (2014) - Parte 2
1 Infinito Particular  
2 Vilarejo  
3 Pra Ser Sincero  
4 Levante  
5 Aquela  
6 Primera Pedra  
7 O Rio  
8 Geranio  
9 Quem Foi  
10 Pernambucobucolismo  
11 Aconteceu  
12 Ate Parece  
13 Pelo Tempo Que Durar  
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Infinito Particular from Marisa Monte conveys the singer's unique identity as composer, interpreter, producer and musicologist. Released in Brazil, and already selling platinum, the CD features Monte as a multi instrumentalist joined by an impressive array of guest artists including: David Byrne, Philip Glass, Seu Jorge, Carlinhos Brown and Arnaldo Antunes

4 New "ON" this week: 18 Total "Stations/Shows"
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Los Angeles, Detroit(ADI)

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