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Mashkoor Ali Khan

Transcendence - Darbari

Nimbus Records

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Mashkoor Ali Khan - Transcendence Raga Darbari
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Amir Khusrow by Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan
1 Transcendence-Darbari

Transcendence-Darbari, released on the Nimbus Alliance label, is the second of a two-part release that brings together master Indian classical vocalist Mashkoor Ali Khan with the extraordinary tabla virtuoso Anindo Chatterjee to create some sublime music reflecting the depths of their respective centuries old musical traditions.  Performed deep into the night, raga Darbari is characterized by solemnity as well as a deep sense of longing and devotion. The gravitas of this raga tests the very limits of any master vocalist and it stands at the very pinnacle of the repertoire. The profound emotions of Darbari are flawlessly evoked in this recording by Mashkoor Ali Khan, which begins with a slow vilambit rendition and is followed by a faster drut composition.

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