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Matt Haimovitz

PRIMAVERA I - the wind

Oxingale - PENTATONE
Release Date: June 18, 2021

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Interview w/ WGTE
Matt Haimovitz Masterclass
Matt Haimovitz at Daydreams
Matt Haimovitz Discovers Isang Yun
Interview w/ WGTE
1 bare by Gabriella Smith (5:25)  
2 Suolo by David Sanford (3:31)  
3 Crocus Palimpsest by David T. Little (4:43)  
4 Euba’s Dance by Nkeiru Okoye (4:43)  
5 Reimagined Spring by Jorge Sosa (6:21)  
6 the motion between three worlds by inti figgis-vizueta (4:58)  
7 Equal night by Vijay Iyer (9:53)  
8 Diaphanous Grace by Luna Pearl Woolf (6:28)  
9 Chloris & Zephyrus by Roberto Sierra (5:37)  
10 Six Graces by Asher Sizemore (5:41)  
11 Sorta Voce by Tod Machover (6:47)  
12 Spring Forward by Jake Heggie (5:07)  
13 Fluorescenza by Laura Elise Schwendinger (7:44)  
14 Missa Primavera by Lisa Bielawa (7:38) Total time: 84:35  
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Multi-Grammy nominated cellist Matt Haimovitz’s next recording, PRIMAVERA I the wind, will be released on the PENTATONE Oxingale Series. The new digital album features the first fourteen of 81 new pieces written for Haimovitz, commissioned by THE PRIMAVERA PROJECT. This new initiative asks composers to write in response to Sandro Botticelli’s enigmatic painting, Primavera, and the prophetic large-scale triptych, Primavera 2020, by contemporary artist Charline von Heyl. Haimovitz recorded the album in January 2021 at von Heyl’s artist studio near downtown Marfa, Texas. More information about the project, composers, and pieces is available at THE PRIMAVERA PROJECT’s online hub,

Matt Haimovitz will be performing music from THE PRIMAVERA PROJECT in six upcoming virtual and in-person concerts, including at Strathmore Music Center in North Bethesda, MD (June 10), Oregon Bach Festival (June 25, virtual), PS21 in Chatham, NY (July 5), Green Mountain Music Festival in Burlington, VT (July 16), Napa Valley Festival in Napa Valley, CA (July 20), and at his Bach Cello Suites Workshop (July 30, virtual). 

THE PRIMAVERA PROJECT is an exploration of music and art as sources of influence and inspiration for each other. During this time of global pandemic and social upheaval, both Primavera paintings’ composition, characters, symbolism, nature and flora, darkness and light, mythology, identity, and spirituality are ripe for new interpretation – as reflected by the newly commissioned pieces on this first installment. The project’s commissions began with nine composers, incorporating a variety of musical languages. Each composer then recommended colleagues to be considered as the next participating composers until a total of 81 composers were selected. All 81 resulting pieces will be recorded for commercial release, with Haimovitz making the next album in Marfa, Texas in late May. PRIMAVERA II will be released in fall 2021.

The distinct and diverse contemporary compositional voices on this album bridge the centuries, expanding and redefining the range and repertoire of the solo cello. Framed by Gabriella Smith’s bare and Lisa Bielawa’s Missa Primavera, Vijay Iyer, David Sanford, Nkeiru Okoye, Jorge Sosa, and others bring a multitude of influences from the world of Jazz and Latin music, to Vivaldi and Scriabin.

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