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'No Dead Guys' Q&A's with film composer and songwriter Matthew Puckett

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No Dead Guys Rhonda Rizzo writes.....For most people, the most recognizable and memorable modern music is found in motion picture soundtracks. Movie music creates mood, advances a plot, and tells the film's story in notes. The music can be extremely sophisticated, employing sounds and musical concepts that audiences wouldn't listen to in a concert setting but learn to love when heard in a movie. The best scores find second or third lives in other genres-most frequently in the hands of solo artists and orchestras. For composers talented and fortunate enough to break into the movie business, soundtracks allow them the chance to have their music heard by a wide audience and to be better remunerated than most other forms of composition. 

Matthew Puckett is one such composer. An award-winning song writer and film composer, he has written music for movies, TV shows, bands, and individual performers. He won a Peabody Award for his songs and score for the seven-part documentary ABC Series Hopkins and was the recipient of an ASCAP Film/TV Award for his song ʻSkylineʻ, the theme to the critically acclaimed ABC series NY Med. His new musical REBEL GENIUS was a finalist for the Jonathan Larson Grant presented by The American Theater Wing. His most recent project, the soundtrack to the feature film Before I Go, is a study in elegant understatement. Employing little more than solo piano, Puckett's music gives voice to the main character's journey from depression to hope. It is an honor to feature him and his music on No Dead Guys.    PHOTO: David Gabe

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