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Fine Finding Home on HPR's Classical Pacific

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Today on Classical Pacific, musical works identified with nicknames or memorable titles. Sometimes the title identifies the intent of the composer, and/or is named by the composer. Sometimes the work gains a nickname that the composer had nothing to do with. From Jokes to Raindrops to Spinning, the possibilities are endless. I may include a small quiz!

From the scores of composer Michael Fine - 'Finding Home' from Seasons, his latest release on Evidence Classics.

Fine's ideas are born from his improvisations on the piano and are nourished by his travels and his readings: his music derives from a poetic imagination and carries therefore lots of visual evocations. From Korea and its palaces (At the Gate) to Scotland and the writer Alexander McCall Smith (Brother Fox), the world and its landscapes pass by over the seasons (Seasonal Rites) as you listen to it.

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