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Michael Landrum


Sono Luminus

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1 Field: Nocturne #4 Amaj.  
2 Chopin: Nocturne C#m, Op. 27, #1  
3 Respighi: Notturno, from Sei pezzi  
4 Scriabin: Nocturne Db maj., Op. 9, #2  
5 Faure: Nocturne Ab maj., Op. 33, #3  
6 Francaix: Nocturne  
7 Sibelius: Nocturno Em, Op. 24, #8  
8 Bizet: Nocturne Dmaj.  
9 Balakirev: Nocturne #2 Bm  
10 Alkan: Premier Nocturne, Op. 22  
11 Satie: Premier Nocturne  
12 Poulenc: Nocturne #1 Cmaj.  
13 Scott: Notturno, Op. 54, #5  
14 Grieg: Notturno, Op. 54, #4  
15 Rachmaninoff: Nocturne Am, Op. 10, #1  
16 Tansman: Nocturne, from Cinq Impressions  
17 Chopin: Nocturne in B-flat m, Op. 9, #1  
18 Debussy: Nocturne Db maj.  
19 Schumann: Notturno, Op. 6, #2  
20 Rowley: Nocturne #5 Fmaj.  
21 Falla: Nocturno Fm  
22 Liszt: Notturno #3 Ab maj.  
23 Barber: Nocturne, Op. 33  
24 Tcherepnin: Nocturne G#m, Op. 2, #1  
25 Tchaikovsky: Nocturne C#m, Op. 19, #4  
26 Joio: Nocturne Emaj.  
27 Borodin: Nocturne, from Petite Suite  
28 Griffes: Notturno Ab maj., Op. 6, #2  
29 Hensel: Notturno Gm  
30 Menotti: Notturno, from Poemetti  
31 Williams: Nocturne, from A Little Piano Book  
32 Copland: Midsummer Nocturne  
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Sono Luminus is proud to present this two-disc set from pianist Michael Landrum: Nocturnes, bringing together a plethora of composers' works that enliven the nocturne genre of music. A native of Augusta, Georgia, Michael Landrum received the Bachelor of Music degree from Oberlin College and the Master of Fine Arts degree from California Institute of the Arts. After earning his Doctor of Musical Arts degree from Temple University, he became Professor of Music and Film Studies at Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, New York.

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