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1 Dowland: BOS/1: Sleep wayward thoughts  
2 Dowland: BOS/1: Now, O Now I Needs Must Part  
3 Dowland: BOS/3: Behold a wonder here  
4 Dowland: BOS/2: Fine Knacks for Ladies  
5 Dowland: BOS/3: Say, Love, if ever thou didst find  
6 Dowland: BOS/1: Away with these self-loving lads  
7 Dowland: BOS/1: Come again, sweet love doth now  
8 Dowland: BOS/1: Come, heavy sleep  
9 Dowland: Lachrimae Pavan, P. 15  
10 Dowland: BOS/3: Time stands still  
11 Dowland: BOS/3: Me, me and none but me  
12 Dowland: Jig - Jump - Puffe  
13 Dowland: BOS/2: Clear or cloudy sweet as April  
14 Dowland: BOS/2: O sweet woods, the delight  
15 Dowland: Mr. Bucton's Galliard, H. 19  
16 Dowland: BOS/2: A shepherd in a shade  
17 Dowland: BOS/1: His golden locks Time hath turned  

American tenor Michael Slattery makes his ATMA recording debut on La Nef's latest offering: Dowland in Dublin. Slattery, Sylvain Bergeron and Sean Dagher worked together on these new arrangements of Dowland's well-known airs, giving them a simple, Celtic flavor. In selecting the music for this project they decided to focus on the lighter-hearted side of Dowland, who is best known for his beautiful if sombre songs. Michael Slattery has appeared in opera houses around the world including Lincoln Center, Royal Festival Hall in London, Chatelet Theatre and the Staatsoper Berlin. A versatile artist, he has also been praised for his performance of traditional repertoire: "Michael Slattery has a stellar career ahead of him. It's a real joy to hear this traditional music... performed beautifully and idiomatically by such a talented and serious artist." (Gramophone)

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