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Michael Whalen

Dream Cycle

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The Distant Light
Dreams - featuring The New Tarot
Interview with
1 Dream Cycle  
2 Dreams  
3 Hush  
4 Little Star (Twinkle)  
5 Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)  
6 The Big Sleep  
7 The Distant Light  
8 The End of the Line  
9 Up All Night  
10 Waiting to be Carried Off  
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Michael Whalen's new album "Dream Cycle" combines the ambient sounds for which he is an internationally known recording artist, a classical music composer, a two-time Emmy® Award Winning television and film composer, a noted producer, music director and arranger.  A journey into the world of wellness using his own experiences with learning about sleep and weight loss. This album is the artistic expression of a man who wants to contribute to people by giving them a new access to rest and sleep. 

10 NEW  33 TOTAL
Direct: MOOD, Stingray
Markets Include: Milwaukee, Albuquerque, Ft. Wayne IN, Saint Augustine FL, Yellow Springs OH, Monroe CT, Newark DE, Abilene TX
INTER: Canada, UK, Spain, Romania
Online: Musicas Imaginadas, One World Music, Journeyscapes, Lost Frontier, Reviewsnewage

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