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Mirian Conti

Nostalgias Argentinas

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Yamaha SX Series - Interview with Mirian Conti
1 Pignoni: Por el sur  
2 Pignoni: Como queriendo  
3 Balcarce: La bordona  
4 Salgan: Don Agustin Bardi  
5 Guastavino: Cantos populares/1  
6 Guastavino: Cantos populares/2  
7 Guastavino: Cantos populares/3  
8 Guastavino: Cantos populares/4  
9 Guastavino: Cantos populares/5  
10 Guastavino: Cantos populares/6  
11 Guastavino: Cantos populares/7  
12 Guastavino: Cantos populares/8  
13 Guastavino: Cantos populares/9  
14 Guastavino: Cantos populares/10  
15 Saenz: Aquel Buenos Aires/1  
16 Saenz: Aquel Buenos Aires/2  
17 Saenz: Aquel Buenos Aires/3  
18 Buchardo: Cancion del carretero  
19 Buchardo: Bailecito  
20 Ugarte: Vidala  
21 Gilardi: Cantares de mi cantar/1  
22 Gilardi: Cantares de mi cantar/2  
23 Gilardi: Cantares de mi cantar/3  
24 Gilardi: Cantares de mi cantar/4  
25 Broeders: Vals criollo no 3  
26 Broeders: Milonga pampeana  
27 Maderna: Lluvia de estrellas  
28 Plaza: Nocturna  
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Argentine-American pianist Mirian Conti's second recording on the Steinway & Sons label showcases an irresistibly affecting selection of music from her native land. Her album Nostalgias Argentinas features works that are undeniably rich but rarely heard outside Argentina. Interweaving the influences of folk traditions, classical music, popular songs and, of course, the tango, these deeply evocative, often bittersweet pieces range from the 20th-century Romanticism of such composers as Carlos Guastavino and Carlos Lopez Buchardo to a more modern strain of composition by Pedro Saenzand Gilardo Gilardi to the sophisticated contemporary tango of Horacio Salgan. Like Chopin and Rachmaninoff, these are composers who wrote brilliantly for the piano, says Conti: "Their music reveals a deep feel for the instrument and how to use all its resources to achieve rich sonorities and vivid colors."Conti's own ability to conjure magic from the keyboard has been recognized far and wide. La Capital of Argentina has said: "In Conti's interpretations, there is the necessary mix of brio and tenderness, of fire and introspective melancholy, of strength and delicacy, a simplicity that only those genuinely endowed are able to master."

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