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Miro Quartet


Release Date: May 10, 2024

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Over The Rainbow
Interview w/ Winnipeg Classic107fm
Conversation about the Miro Quartet Archive Project
1 Kevin Puts: Home / Warm, with rubato  
2 Faster, refreshed  
3 Dangerously fast  
4 George Walker: Quartet No. 1 / II. Molto adagio  
5 Caroline Shaw: Microfictions [volume 1] / I. Under the hot sun…  
6 II. The photographs smeared…  
7 III. The summer storm laughed…  
8 III & 1/2. Between the third and fourth...  
9 IV. The complete taxonomy…  
10 V. Waking up on the early side…  
11 VI. The mountains folded in…  
12 Samuel Barber: String Quartet in B minor, Op. 11 / I. Molto allegro e appassionato  
13 II. Molto adagio  
14 III. Molto allegro (come prima) - Presto  
15 Harold Arlen: Over the Rainbow (arr. by William Ryden)  
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The Miró Quartet presents Home, a new album that explores the many concepts of what the term “home” can mean. Its complexity is woven in a variety of ways into the music: the pieces, all composed by Americans past and present, invite you to feel, reflect, and engage in Miró’s world. In this regard, the album also represents the United States, Miró’s artistic home, in many ways. The program presents two new commissions by Kevin Puts and Caroline Shaw, as well as known and lesser known works by George Walker and Samuel Barber.

This is the Miró Quartet’s second album on Pentatone, following their recording of Beethoven’s Complete String Quartets (2019).

“The Miró Quartet is so excited to be releasing our new album ‘Home’. This album is the culmination of a long and creative process of discovery, exploring our relationships with living composers as well as exploring and recording the existing core repertoire of American string quartet music. It has been an exciting musical journey that ultimately has brought us home as musicians in a new and special way.” - The Miró Quartet

Excerpts from the liner notes: “We all have a home on this planet, and yet no matter how settled and comfortable it may be, aren’t all of us in a sense ever in search of our “true home”, however we define that individually?

Home represents stability and safety, yet human life is a journey of constant change, acquisition and loss, a journey traveling away from our origins, and hopefully onwards towards our goals, our true home.

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