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Miro Quartet comes to Joplin leaving kids mesmorized / FOX14

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The Miro Quartet performs all around the world, filling iconic venues like the Carnegie Hall, but they also perform in elemtary schools, capturing the attention of a much younger audience.

William Fedkenheuer: : You know, for me it's that the light in their eyes and the excitement that they get to experience. You never know exactly what that is, but you can feel it and you can see it and you can tell when it's happening.

John Largess: A lot of times they've never seen a violin up close before, or seen how we make sounds, or gotten to really watch somebody a few feet away from them do what we do.

While most kids probably don't have a poster of Yo-Yo Ma in their room, the timeless genre of music still surrounds us every day.

Joshua Gindele: Classical music is actually in a really good place because movies, video games, and all of the media that we see usually includes some classical music.

Daniel Ching: Yeah I think we're always gonna crave that. Hopefully humanity will always crave that connection with another human being and music is one way to do that.

Daniel started studying the violin at age three.  In college, he met cellist Joshua Gindele and they started playing together.

Joshua: And we formed the group to get credit for a class, to get credit for chamber music.

But they needed two more musicians, so with the addition of John Largess and William Fedkenheur, they formed the Miro Quartet, named after the Spanish surrealist Joan Miro.

Joshua: The group was founded and put together just to fill a requirement for our degree. But after that we realized we were really passionate about playing string quartets, classical music in general, and it was enough motivation for us to keep continuing on, rehearsing, practicing, and keep getting up on stage and playing concerts.

This week, they're in Joplin MO, performing at schools and leaving kids mesmorized.

John: Well we've always loved when we've come to Joplin. We love the feeling of community, you know it's a very close community, particularly the one supporting classical music here.