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Mitsuko Uchida

Beethoven - Diabelli Variations

Decca Classics
Release Date: April 8, 2022

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1 Tema. Vivace 00:53  
2 Var. 1. Alla marcia maestoso 01:58  
3 Var. 2. Poco allegro 01:01  
4 Var. 3. L'istesso tempo 01:27  
5 Var. 4. Un poco più vivace 01:04  
6 Var. 5. Allegro vivace 01:01  
7 Var. 6. Allegro ma non troppo e serioso 01:43  
8 Var. 7. Un poco più allegro 01:20  
9 Var. 8. Poco vivace 01:34  
10 Var. 9. Allegro pesante e risoluto 02:16  
11 Var. 10. Presto 00:44  
12 Var. 11. Allegretto 01:13  
13 Var. 12. Un poco più moto 01:00  
14 Var. 13. Vivace 01:16  
15 Var. 14. Grave e maestoso 03:57  
16 Var. 15. Presto scherzando 00:40  
17 Var. 16. Allegro 01:01  
18 Var. 17. Allegro 01:03  
19 Var. 18. Poco moderato 02:02  
20 Var. 19. Presto 00:56  
21 Var. 20. Andante 02:38  
22 Var. 21. Allegro con brio - Meno allegro 01:20  
23 Var. 22. Allegro molto, alla "Notte e giorno faticar" di Mozart 00:51  
24 Var. 23. Allegro assai 00:59  
25 Var. 24. Fughetta. Andante 03:15  
26 Var. 25. Allegro 00:48  
27 Var. 26. Piacevole 01:21  
28 Var. 27. Vivace 01:02  
29 Var. 28. Allegro 01:02  
30 Var. 29. Adagio ma non troppo 01:26  
31 Var. 30. Andante, sempre cantabile 02:33  
32 Var. 31. Largo, molto espressivo 05:12  
33 Var. 32. Fugue. Allegro 03:19  
34 Var. 33. Tempo di Minuetto moderato 04:57  
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Decca Classics is proud to release Mitsuko Uchida’s new recording of Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations. Among the most celebrated living interpreters of the music of the Classical period, Uchida captures on disc her interpretation of one of the greatest works in the piano repertoire.  
Uchida’s live performances of the Diabelli Variations have been praised as “mesmerizing” by The Guardian, “dazzling” by The Arts Desk and “compelling to the end” by the New York Times. The new recording of the work was made at Snape Maltings in Suffolk, a concert hall with which Uchida feels a strong affinity.  
Mitsuko Uchida, DBE, has recorded exclusively on Decca Classics and Philips across four decades. Her acclaimed discography, which includes the complete Mozart and Schubert piano sonatas, has earned her two Grammy Awards, a Gramophone Award and two BBC Music Magazine Awards. She is regarded as a peerless interpreter of the music of the First and Second Viennese Schools. 
Beethoven’s Diabelli Variations stand alongside Bach’s Goldberg Variations as the pinnacle of the variation form. In 1819, the dilettante composer and publisher Antonio Diabelli commissioned around 50 of the leading composers in Vienna (including Franz Schubert) to compose variations on a theme he had written. Among them, Beethoven was at first dismayed by the quality of the theme (describing it as a “cobbler’s patch”) and scathing of such collaborative models of work. Yet, working intermittently on the set for six years, Beethoven was able to transform the mundane theme into one of the most sublime pieces of piano music ever written. 
Mitsuko Uchida’s Beethoven – Diabelli Variations is out now on Decca Classics.

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