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Momo Kodama

Hosokawa - Mozart w/Mito Chamber Orchestra, Ozawa


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1 Lotus under the moonlight  
2 Concerto for piano and orchestra No. 23 in A Major, K. 488 - Allegro  
3 Adagio  
4 Allegro assai  
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Momo Kodama, whose acclaimed New Series solo album Point and Line contrasted Toshio Hosakawa and Claude Debussy, here presents the piano concerto Hosakawa wrote for her, the shimmering Lotus under the moonlight, a work that emerges numinously from silence and gradually returns to it. Composed in 2006, Lotus is also a homage to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, with distant echoes of Mozart's Concerto. No 23 in A Major, the work with which it is paired here in a concert recording from Japan, with Maestro Seiji Ozawa and his Mito Chamber Orchestra.

In a composer's note, Hosokawa writes that "Momo Kodama's transparency, sensitivity and expressiveness have continued to inspire my piano music deeply. As she touches this magical instrument, she touches the mysterious energy of the universe and stirs my soul."

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