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Narayan & Janet

All Bliss

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Mostly Love - Narayan & Janet
Be Yourself - Narayan & Janet
Narayan and Janet Garden Concert


Mostly Love
1 Be Yourself  
2 Get Together  
3 Soul Song  
4 Shivaya  
5 Always Near  
6 Mostly Love  
7 Walkin' In the Bliss  
8 Peace and Joy  
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All Bliss, a new CD by Narayan & Janet, transcends its own mainstream appeal with a powerful purpose: to help everyone who hears it sustain a state of bliss in everyday life. "It's like meditating with your eyes open," says Narayan of the CD, which is scheduled for release in early 2010. "It's for having inward and outward reality become one. It's for lifting your awareness and taking that state into the world."

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Undercurrents, CBC
Markets include: New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, Kansas City, St. Louis, Portland, Orlando, Memphis, Honolulu, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Berkeley CA, Orlando, Chattanooga, Madison WI
Online: New Age Retailer, Taintradio, RadioIO, Green Arrow, AppleAM, animajazz, WGOE, GURU, Laswell College
International: Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, The Netherlands

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