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Nigel Kennedy

Blue Note Sessions

Blue Note

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I Almost Lost My Mind - Nigel Kennedy
Interview with Nigel Kennedy (violin)

Tour Dates

1 Midnight Blue  
2 Sudel  
3 Maybe In Your Dreams  
4 Sunshine Alley  
5 Nearly  
6 Expansions  
7 Stranger In A Stranger Land  
8 Song For My Father  
9 After The Rain  
10 I Almost Lost My Mind  
11 Song For World Forgiveness  
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After decades of dazzling the world with record-breaking classical performances, the English violin virtuoso Nigel Kennedy has surprised the music industry with a breathtaking jazz recording. He has become the first EMI Classics violinist to be invited into the fabled Blue Note family, with his new album Blue Note Sessions marking the start of a completely new career path within the magical world of jazz. Although a radical departure from his lifelong study of the classics, there are still hallmark signatures of this uniquely gifted musician who has so changed the face of classical markets.

2 New "ON" this week: 130 "Total Stations/Shows"
Jazz w/Bob Parlocha, Trans./NPR: Morning Edition / Jazz Variations
Markets include: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Philadelphia, Wash DC, Minneapolis, Miami, Detroit, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati(ADI), St. Louis(ADI), Denver, Baltimore, San Diego, Tampa, Sacramento, Louisville, San Antonio, Buffalo, Las Vegas, Orlando

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