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A Neon Jazz Interview with Swiss Pianist, Composer & Producer Nik Bartsch
1 Modul 58  
2 Modul 55  
3 Modul 26  
4 Modul 13  
5 Modul 5  
6 Deja-vu, Vienna  
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A fascinating solo album from the Swiss pianist and composer , Entendre offers deeper insight into Nik Bärtsch's musical thinking, illuminating aspects of his playing and the nature of his modular pieces.

As its titles implies the new album, recorded at Lugano's Auditorio Stelio Molo studio, considers listening as a dynamic process. In these solo realizations, Bärtsch's polymetric pieces unfold with heightened alertness to the subtleties of touch. The pianist finds freedom in aesthetic restriction, while also seizing opportunities to guide the music to new places. An adaptive as well as a highly original musician, he diligently serves the context at hand, and the solo work has been developing in parallel to his group activities over the last few years. For Nik, some key moments in this regard have included his solo appearance at ECM's 50th anniversary celebration at New York's Lincoln Center in 2019, as well as performances in ongoing collaboration with visual artist Sophie Clements. A solo piano tour in 2017, furthermore, whose unorthodox itinerary took him to Teheran, Cairo, Alexandria, Kolkata and Delhi, had also prompted rumination on the intertwined relationships of performance and ritual music in different cultures. This, too, influenced the preparatory work on Entendre.

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