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Nina Simone's back catalogue. Where to start / The Guardian

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Nina Simone is in the unusual position of being a towering genius who never recorded an undeniable, canonical masterpiece. If you choose your 10 favourite songs, there's a good chance that they'll be from 10 different albums, which makes one of the many excellent compilations the natural gateway into a vast body of work that encompasses jazz, blues, folk, soul, pop, rock, show tunes, polyrhythms and songs that don't even have genres.

The Verve re-release of 'Fodder On My Wings' was one of Nina Simone's favorite albums but has remained one of her most obscure. Originally recorded in 1982 for a small French label, not long after NS moved to Paris, 'Fodder' has only been available sporadically since its initial release. Reissued in a variety of formats, the new release is expanded with three bonus tracks from from a rare 1988 French recording session.     PHOTO: David Redfern/Redferns