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Niv Ashkenazi - Violins of Hope is 'beyondcriticism'

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Niv Ashkenazi is the first and only artist to receive his fiddle on long-term loan from Violins of Hope. The recital from which we heard luminous excerpts is the first solo album released under the Violins of Hope banner. Founded by the Israeli luthiers Amnon Weinstein and his son Avshalom Weinstein, Violins of Hope collects, restores to concert quality, and loans out string instruments owned by Jewish musicians before and during the Holocaust. Back then, in concentration camps and ghettos, they provided comfort for some and a means of survival for others. "Wherever there was music, there was hope," a liner declares-a thought that resonates powerfully in our own dark hour.

Featured tracks on Mana'O Radio for Niv Ashkenazi: Violins of Hope (Albany Records 2020), are

Baal Shem, B. 47: II. Nigun

Three Songs Without Words: III. Sephardic

Niv Ashkenazi, piano; Matthew Graybil, piano

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